Welcome to Go Eat Green! I am glad you found my food blog. I started this blog because I love to share my vegan recipes with you, I love to see you healthier, skinnier, living happier lives, you and your families too.

I want to make a difference in your life. I hope my blog will add value to you. Here you will learn how to cook from-scratch recipes with lots of love and passion. I believe that those little choices we make every day matter, yes, the food we eat matters too, a lot!

I create recipes that are practical, need minimal kitchen equipment, and a few minutes of prep work. They are proven weight loss plant-based recipes that you will love once you make and taste. Here you will find delicious vegan recipes for beginners, picky eaters, kids and adults. I do all the writing, recipe developing, food photography and styling.

A little more about me

More about me, the girl behind Go Eat Green Blog

Hi, I am Marinela. I am a real nature and animal lover (cats have a special place in my heart), I love hot cocoa with a lot of cinnamon, love spinach (I enjoy all that greens!), love rainy autumn days, love reading and listening books (The Bible is my favorite), I enjoy working out at home, I adore my cat Mogre (He is all around me when I’m cooking, decorating, preparing the table for all my shootings. Yes, He tastes all my recipes, and guess what? He approves them all!

Here, on my blog you’ll find delicious, plant-based, easy-to-make vegan recipes. My goal is to make cooking a fun and pleasant activity, not a boring, “must to” daily task that makes you feel nervous. I’ll share a recipes that will bring you joy, pleasure, wellness, mindfulness and self-care. All recipes are simple, easy-to-make, plant-based and budget-friendly that anyone can make.

My life was changed

My life was changed by changing my diet

Back in 2018, I accidentally watched the Forks Over Knives and What The Health, the best documentaries for healthy eating ever made . It was an eye-opener for me, made me rethink my diet and my eating habits. I wish I have watched those movies sooner.

Sincerely, I wasn’t some huge fan of meat overall, but was addicted to milk and sugar. I loved eating chocolates and cakes after every meal, before I go to sleep, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and get some chocolate or cookies leftover. I felt lethargic, tired, bloated… The chocolate was a problem-solver for everything, the cravings were so much intense that I couldn’t wait till coming home from the market, I must satisfy the need and ate some sweet on the way. Also, I couldn’t wait to finish the meal and eat that delicious dessert of mine. I felt so bad!

New healthy lifestyle

After I become aware that I am hurting my body I decided to try and change my eating habits entirely. When I switched to plat-based diet everything changed, in a positive way of course. I feel GREAT all the time and have a lot of energy, I sleep better, my digestion has improved, my bloated belly disappeared. Before I haven’t desire or energy to exercise, Now I exercise 5 times a week and feel so good and happy!

My hope and prayer is that I will reach as many people as I can so they can discover the power of healthy eating and will recover from their health problems and illnesses. The choice is yours, the decisions you make today will impact your future.

My mission

Cook with wholesome, seasonal ingredients, eat healthy and stay healthy.

My mission is to help you cook with wholesome, seasonal ingredients, eat healthy and stay healthy. I’m sharing with you all my recipes and healthy tips for you to feel nourished, energized and lose weight naturally without being under strict diet plans and count calories all day long.

My new vegan life makes me feel happy, compassionate and well-nourished and I want that for you too! I will share with you delicious plant-based recipes that me and my family enjoy every day. My goal is to inspire you to embrace more plant-based meals in your diet that will nourish all your cells, your body, mind and soul too! I’m sure you’ll be amazingly surprised how your daily food will transform your life in a positive way. I believe this new lifestyle that changed me could change the world for the better too!

Say Hello!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just to say “hello!” I would love to hear from you!

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